How Many Casinos Are In Las Vegas?

December 7, 2022
How many casinos are in Las Vegas

According to Nevada Gaming Commission data, Las Vegas is home to 60 major casinos. Guests have a broad range of possibilities to pick from with a huge number of table games and slot machines.

We have a problem with this and we wanted to figure out why.

60 Major Casinos

Number of casinos by state.

This data is from the National Association of State Departments of Tourism (NASTD).

The data here is from 2015, and can be broadly summarised as follows:

The five states with the most casinos are Nevada (13), Texas (10), Louisiana (7), New Jersey (6) and Michigan (5).

Of these five states, Nevada is also the only one with two legal casinos per casino license. If a casino has more than one license, their gambling venues are grouped together into a single licensed property. All other jurisdictions have no licenses on which to base a company — they aren’t licensed anywhere.

It’s worth noting that the five states with the most casinos don’t necessarily have the highest number of investment capital, either: according to NASTD, each state account for 40% of all casino investments in the United States.

The takeaway here is that while there are a lot of legal gambling venues in Las Vegas and California, it isn’t because there are more than 1 million people employed in gambling . There simply aren’t enough legal venues to service such demand, and so the existing ones have chosen to expand elsewhere, or merge into larger facilities elsewhere on the West Coast. The result is that Las Vegas has an industry that operates not 2 but 60 different gambling establishments. This isn’t bad by any means — at least it doesn’t mean you can never find a place where you can put your money! — but it does mean finding them all takes some work. And this work involves dealing with what we might call “the law of supply and demand”: we need lots of places where people want to gamble; if they don’t have places where they want to gamble, someone else will open up locations which lure them in; if they do have places which lure them in, someone else will open up places which lure them away from those other sites; etc., etc., ad infinitum…

Table Games and Slot Machines

Many people want to know how many casinos are in Las Vegas. Well, there are 60 major casinos in Las Vegas, but the gaming industry is so big that it’s hard to tell exactly how many smaller ones there are out there.

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Guests have a broad range of possibilities

Las Vegas is the epitome of a “showplace”: its glittering lights, its glitzy hotels, its exhibits and shows. That it is still an important industry in the US is not surprising when you realize that it has been in business since 1924. The question you should be asking yourself is “how many casinos are in las vegas?”

Most people will probably think of Las Vegas as a place where people go to gamble, but that’s not actually right. While there are certainly some people who enjoy the atmosphere and the thrill of gambling, most visitors aren’t gambling at all. Rather, they are looking for something else. A high-rise hotel or a casino might have a great show or event lined up for them on their entertainment schedule, but their primary reason for going to Vegas is to relax and enjoy themselves — and that’s what makes Vegas so great!

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Conclusion of How many casinos are in Las Vegas?

There are a lot of interesting—and potentially surprising—conceptual questions about how many casinos are in Las Vegas. People have asked:

How many casinos are in Las Vegas?

How big is the casino industry in Las Vegas?

How much money does the casino industry make in Las Vegas?

These questions are all valid and should be answered, but there’s only one right answer: The number of casinos in Las Vegas is 60.

You can read more at the Nevada Gaming Commission website.

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