How to Become a Casino High Roller

February 9, 2023
How to Become a Casino High Roller

Step into the luxurious world of high rollers, where big bets lead to even bigger wins. These high-stakes gamblers are treated like royalty at land-based casinos. With perks like private jets, limousine transfers, and exclusive VIP rooms. But what does it take to earn the title of a high roller? Also known as a whale or cheetah, the amount required to join this elite club varies by casino. From AUD$50000 at Australian casinos to USD$150000 in Las Vegas, or even USD$500,000 in Macau, the journey to high roller status is an exciting one. Keep reading to find out what it takes to become a casino high roller.

Lucky Rollers Online: Unlock the World of High-Stakes Gaming

Are you ready to take your online gaming experience to the next level? If you’re a high roller, there’s no need to fly to Macau for exclusive VIP treatment. Online casinos offer a world of rewards for players who prefer big stakes and big wins.

Unleash the Power of High Roller Bonuses

With online casinos, becoming a high roller doesn’t require a large fortune. The minimum deposit requirements may be higher, but the rewards are well worth it. Expect to see your regular welcome bonus offer of 100% up to 200 euros boosted to 200% up to 2000 euros, or even more.

Favorite Games for High Rollers Online

What games do high rollers prefer to play online? Most opt for classic favorites such as Roulette, Baccarat, or Blackjack. These games offer the excitement and thrill of big bets, and the potential for massive payouts.

Personalized VIP Treatment for High Roller

The best part of being a high roller online is the personalized VIP treatment. Many online casinos assign a dedicated casino manager to their high rollers, giving them a direct line of communication and a trusted advisor. From recommending new games to addressing any concerns, your casino manager will ensure that your online gaming experience is second to none.

How to Climb the Ranks of High Rollers at Online Casinos

Are you ready to take your online gaming to the next level and join the exclusive club of high rollers? Here’s how to become a high roller at online casinos.

Loyalty Programs Lead the Way

Some online casinos have loyalty programs that reward players for their continued patronage. At West Casino, for example, players earn West Points for every €50 wagered on online slots or other games. These points can be exchanged for gifts, bonuses, and even a personal account manager. As players move through the seven loyalty levels, they will eventually become a VIP member with access to exclusive events and luxurious resorts.

By Invitation Only

Other online casinos, like, have a more exclusive approach to their VIP program. High rollers who wager large sums may be contacted by a VIP manager and given access to exclusive tournaments and VIP treatments. So, sit back, relax, and let the online casino come to you.


Becoming a high roller at online casinos requires big stakes and big bets. But the rewards can be substantial. As with all forms of gambling, it’s important to remember to never spend more than you can afford to lose, and to always have fun. If the excitement of online gaming begins to wane, take a break. Return when you’re ready for more.

Get Rich or Go Home – Meet the High Rollers

Robert Gorodetsky – The Vegas King

Widely known as “Big Rob,” Robert Gorodetsky is the epitome of a Las Vegas high roller. He’s a frequent sports bettor, often wagering millions of dollars, and is sought after by celebrities and high net worth individuals for betting advice. His life revolves around gambling and winning or losing large sums of money is just a part of the game.

Along with sports betting, Rob also enjoys playing roulette and blackjack games with friends. His Instagram page showcases his love for playing with celebrities and professional athletes, and his luxury suite at the Aria Resort & Casino is considered his unofficial office.

Paul Phua – The Poker Pro and Businessman

Wei Seng Paul Phua is a professional poker player, operator of VIP junkets, and businessman. He’s widely known as the world’s largest bookie and a gambling legend in Asia. Phua’s passion for sports began in his childhood. He only started playing professional poker in his forties after learning from renowned poker pros like Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, and Chau Giang.

In 2016, he founded Paul Phua Poker, a site dedicated to educating and informing poker players. Phua has won over $19 million in live poker tournaments and is estimated to be worth around $400 million. He lives a lavish lifestyle, traveling first-class and by private jets, and enjoying the fruits of his success.

Dan Bilzerian – The Instagram King and Controversial Poker Pro

Dan Bilzerian is a well-known businessman, Instagram star, poker pro, and actor. He’s famous for his extravagant and controversial lifestyle, regularly showcasing it on his Instagram page. However, Bilzerian’s notoriety is not limited to just his luxurious lifestyle. He’s also been accused of running his company, Ignite, into the ground and using investor funds to maintain his lavish lifestyle.

Despite these controversies, Bilzerian is believed to have a net worth of $200 million, with high-stakes poker being his primary source of income. He owns homes in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Hollywood Hills, and California and is often seen traveling the world with a group of scantily clad women.

The Red-Carpet Treatment for High Rollers

High rollers are treated like royalty at casinos and receive the red-carpet treatment. Casino hosts manage their itineraries, ensuring they have the best possible experience. With benefits such as free meals, events, spa experiences, and shows.

From the moment their flight lands, the casino-hotel sends chauffeured cars to pick them up and assigns them luxury suites exclusive to high rollers. Some high rollers even spend months in these suites, enjoying the finest dining experiences, spa amenities, free gifts, and other benefits arranged just for them.

If you’re a high roller, all you need to do is contact your casino host for anything you need. They’ll take care of the rest, leaving you free to wager millions of dollars on the casino games.

Casino High Roller FAQs

  • What is considered a high roller at a casino?

    A high roller, also known as a whale, is a gambler who consistently wagers large sums of money at a casino. The exact definition of a high roller varies from one casino to another, but generally speaking, it is someone who bets tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per hand or spin. The term is used to describe both seasoned gamblers and those who are new to the gaming world but have the means to place large bets. High rollers often receive special treatment from casinos, including VIP services, exclusive perks, and personal attention from casino staff.

  • How much do high rollers bet?

    The amount a high roller bets can vary greatly, and is generally determined by the specific casino and its VIP program. However, it’s common for high rollers to place bets of thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars per hand or spin. Some high rollers may even bet hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. The exact amount a high roller bets is often negotiable and determined by the player’s level of activity and the amount they’ve wagered in the past.

  • How to win high roller slots?

    Winning at high roller slots requires a combination of luck and strategy. Here are some tips to increase your chances of winning:

    Choose the right game: Not all slots are created equal. High roller slots typically have higher payout percentages and more generous bonuses, so look for games with these features.

    Manage your bankroll: High roller slots can be expensive, so it’s important to set a budget for yourself and stick to it.

    Take advantage of bonuses: Many high roller slots offer bonuses such as free spins or extra features that can increase your chances of winning. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions of these bonuses before you start playing.

    Know the rules: Make sure you understand the rules of the game, including how the paylines work and what the winning combinations are.

    Know when to stop: It’s important to know when to walk away from the machine, especially if you are on a losing streak. Don’t chase your losses and always gamble responsibly.

    Remember, winning at high roller slots is largely dependent on luck, so always gamble responsibly and never bet more than you can afford to lose.

  • What do high rollers get in vegas?

    High rollers in Las Vegas can expect to receive special treatment and benefits from casinos, including:

    Exclusive VIP Lounge: High rollers have access to private and luxurious lounges with premium amenities.

    Personalized Attention: High rollers are assigned casino hosts who cater to their every need and help manage their itinerary.

    Free Room Upgrades: High rollers may receive complimentary upgrades to luxury suites, with some casinos offering exclusive high-roller suites.

    Dining Experiences: High rollers can enjoy the finest dining experiences, with some casinos offering private chef services or access to exclusive restaurants.

    Spa and Relaxation: High rollers can take advantage of the spa and relaxation amenities offered by the casino, including massages, facials, and other treatments.

    Free Gifts and Amenities: High rollers may receive complimentary gifts such as bottles of rare wine, souvenirs, and other benefits.

    Private Shopping Services: Some casinos may arrange private shoppers for high rollers who do not have time for shopping.

    Invitations to Special Events: High rollers may receive invitations to exclusive events, such as dinner parties, concerts, and shows.

    In short, high rollers in Las Vegas can expect to receive exceptional service and special treatment that goes beyond what is offered to regular guests.

  • Do high roller slots pay better?

    High roller slots may have a higher payout percentage compared to regular slots, but it is not a guarantee. Payout percentages are determined by the game’s software and the rules set by the casino, and they can vary from game to game. Some high roller slots may offer higher payouts, but they also require larger bets, which can result in higher losses if you don’t win. Additionally, high roller slots typically have a higher volatility, which means that wins can be infrequent but significant.

    It’s always important to remember that slots are a form of gambling, and the outcome is determined by random chance. Whether you’re playing regular slots or high roller slots, the goal is to have fun and play within your budget. If you’re not comfortable with the size of the bets required for high roller slots, it’s best to stick to regular slots or find a casino that offers stakes that you’re comfortable with.

  • Where do high rollers stay in vegas?

    High rollers typically stay in VIP or luxury suites at the top casinos in Las Vegas. Some of the most popular casino resorts for high rollers include The Bellagio, Wynn, The Venetian, The Palazzo, and Aria. These casinos offer the most luxurious and spacious accommodations, along with a wide range of services and amenities, including high-end restaurants, shopping, spas, and entertainment. The casinos also assign casino hosts to their high-rolling guests, who help manage their itineraries and ensure that they receive the best possible experience, from complimentary transportation to exclusive access to events and shows.

  • Why are high rollers called whales?

    High rollers are often referred to as “whales” in the gambling industry because of their ability to make large bets and influence the outcome of a casino’s financial performance. Just like whales are considered to be the largest and most powerful creatures in the ocean, high rollers are considered to be the largest and most influential players in the casino. The term “whale” is a metaphor for the way that high rollers can “swim” through large sums of money and leave a noticeable impact on a casino’s bottom line.

How to Become a Casino High Roller
How to Become a Casino High Roller

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